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  1. I just changed the third line and it's OK Thanks for answer. Regards
  2. Solution trouvée ! The solution is found (In French forum) Preferences, remplacement automatique.....
  3. Hello, I found a Little bug in Publisher, typing with the Swiss French Keyboard (See joined documents) Have a nice week-end ! Keyboard problem.afpub Keyboard problem.pdf
  4. jjrikly


    Sorry, I found it. Thanks for prompt reply. Regards.
  5. I use Swiss-French Language. My Publisher version display in English. How to change the Language to French ? Thank you
  6. In a text box if the paragraph is set on "justify all" the last line must be "left justify" for not have too many spaces between words. Please see the sample below. Thank you.
  7. jjrikly

    Unable to install update 1.5.2

    I solved the problem! I rename the Affinity folder in .old folder and I retry install. Now it’s works! Ticket closed! Just one hour lost!
  8. Unable to install update 1.5.2
  9. Hello, How download new beta for windows ? Each time I sign and the link is for Mac (dmg) and not windows.
  10. Hello everbody, It is possible to save the created gradients ? If yes, How do this. Thank you.