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  1. I'll have to look for a new help thread - I can't seem to update the links easily - It's a 68 page document placed on 68 pages, and I had to select them manually for each page (boooo). And now if I try to "fix" the links (preflight check) it imports page one for each placement, instead of its associated page. Much work to do before Publisher is ready for production environments.
  2. Wow - I just put both files back to their original file system location, and it opened up just fine. This is an odd bug, but hopefully my experience will help stomp it out.
  3. I really, really want to keep from having to use Adobe Creative Cloud, but something as simple as this just can't ruin one's work. Thankfully this file was not big deal, but now I'm FAR less enthusiastic about the prospects for replacing Adobe with Affinity.
  4. I am experiencing the infinite "Loading" issue as well. 1.8.3. The activities I did right before this was an issue: 1) Moved the file and the placed PDF to a new location. 2) Replaced the PDF with a newer version of the file (same filename). Maybe one of those things is causing the issue?
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