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  1. No it doesn't happen when I save locally. iCloud doesn't save multiple copies with any other application I've used so I don't think it's an iCloud versioning function. For example I've been saving Affinity Designer files on iCloud and it doesn't happen.
  2. When saving a file, Affinity Photo is creating a separate file each time I press cmd S, almost like saving as. I noticed this when I navigated to the folder I had saved my file to and found lots of copies of the file. I am saving to iCloud Drive. As I'm a newbie I thought this might be a versioning feature but I have since found that it shouldn't be happening. Tom
  3. Thanks @Old Bruce. I'll save to the ssd rather than iCloud for now then, I don't want to risks losing any data. Good to know its a bug, not a feature. I'll submit a bug report too.
  4. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Photo so I apologise if the behaviour below is normal (I did search FAQ's) I navigated to the folder containing the file I am working on to find multiple copies of the file. It looks like each time I have pressed 'cmd S' a new version of the file has been created, kind of like 'Save as'. Is this normal for Affinity Photo? It doesn't do this behaviour in Affinity Designer. Is it some kind of versioning? Or is it a bug? I'm saving in iCloud Drive. Cheers Tom
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