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  1. Hello, everyone and thank you for responding. Apologies, but I have been working more than I'd like to and have not had time to revisit this. A bit more detail on my setup: I exported me original artwork as a PDF, and used preview for mac to print. I have also tried printing directly from affinity, but the end results look identical. However, I was able to print the file attached below in an opaque black--also using preview for mac. I used it to test my DIY exposure unit, and the transparency worked perfectly. When I created my document, it was set to cmyk and the color space is also cmyk when I export(I honestly am not sure what all of this means). The printer I use is a Canon IX6820(may be a different model number in Europe). Again, thanks to all for responding. I am going to try to create a test strip to see if I can find an appropriate black. vector-exposure-calculator.pdf
  2. Hello. To start, let me say that I am a total novice, so please excuse my terminology. I am just beginning to learn Affinity Designer, and I have created an all-black vector image to be used as a film positive. However, I can't seem to get enough ink for an opaque image on my transparencies. I am still able to see through my image when held up to a light or window, which will not work when exposing. I have printed opaque black with this printer before using pdf files downloaded from the web, but the settings I use in Affinity Designer don't seem to be working for that purpose. I've tried exporting to PDF for print, using cmyk in both the template and print settings, 300dpi. I have tried playing around with a few of these settings, but the end result is the same. I have the cmyk settings all turned up to 100. Can someone please explain the best settings for getting the darkest black possible within Affinity Designer?
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