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  1. Thank you so much that worked very well:) AP is running smooth again
  2. Yes i am but AP worked Fine so far... Didnt had any problems
  3. Hey guys I've got a huge problem here: I wanted To edit a photo for my bachelor thesis. I used the picture before in some other context and wanted To change some text there... I opened the .psd file with affinity photo but this didnt work for me AP only showed a white rectangle and i could not click any options from the menu or quit AP. I had To force quit via the activity Monitor program.. So i wanted To start with the original picture and opened the .PNG file with AP But TH Same thing came up... AP only shows a small white rectangle and i cant do anything... With the activity Monitor i recognized that AP also uses nearly 100% CPU!? Now i cant open any other file and work with AP how can i reset the application without reinstalling? Is there any other Solution? Thanks for your help
  4. figured it out by myself. just click at one edge of the image/the starting point then press shift and click to another edge of the image/the end point
  5. thank you! but that doesn't work for me (teackpad or magic mouse). Im currently working with OSX El Capitan maybe this is the reason why this is not working?
  6. hi, how can i crop a single image in a collage of multiple images? If i choose the crop tool i can only crop the hole "image" and not the chosen layer. greetings
  7. Hey guys, i have a little problem: i want to draw a straight line or rather erase a straight line at the edges from a picture. In photoshop this was done by holding the shift key and draw the line. Is there anyway to do this with affinity photo? greetings
  8. Hi guys, how can i change the brush size from the pencil e.g. with a shortcut on a german keyboard??
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