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  1. Hi! first: thanks for the info, and yes, I want this when I'm using DEVOLOP persona, tools to reveal my photo, to fix colors and to make creativity, not for photomontage (for this PERSONA). Second: please, can you tell me where is that option in PERSONA? are you talking about HSL ("Command/Control+U")? I used it, but NOW (Thanks to you quote) I've discovered the "circle" and now I can get orange and other colors and I see what you say, is that? Ok, if is that, I just want this tool in DEVOLOP persona, for workflow.
  2. 1º Solve speed problem: When you finished to used DEVELOP PERSONA, and save, the program is too slow to save and to make the changes to pass to PHOTO PERSONA mode. 2º Need more functions: OK, I know I can't expect yet a great raw developer, but while, you can include an important function: the HSL/Grayscale adjustments. I use many times this funtion, is very usefull go to the Saturation tab, to reduce "orange" to fix human skin, go to Aquas/Blues to improve the sky. Go to the Hue tab and to change color or to turn off colors in Luminance tab. PD: I have attached a camera raw photo so you can understand me. Thanks for reading!
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