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  1. Thanks to you I have a solution ! First, you definitely need to check that you work with the same color space settings, both in Affinity Designer and in Affinity Publisher, or else the colors won't appear the same when you print your document. Second, when you want to insert a vector drawing made with Affinity Designer inside an Affinity Publisher document, the best solution is to group all the curves and/or shapes of your vector drawing in Affinity Designer, then copy this group and paste it into your Affinity Publisher document. This is the only way to keep your illustration vectorized. If you use the place image tool, or file > place in Affinity Publisher, your vector drawing will look rasterized. I made different tests with my black and white laser printer and I can tell this works. That's too bad the image tool, or file > place doesn't work very well with vector designs, but you have come up with a great workaround ! Thank you very much for you help ! Lanval
  2. Hello thomaso, thank you for your quick answer ! You resolved one aspect of my problem. There was a difference between the color space of my Affinity Designer document (In RGB) and in my Affinity Publisher document (in CMYK) this is the reason why the white color was not the same when printed from Designer or from Publisher. Now the second aspect of my problem is still there : my outlines look pixelized (like a low resolution .jpg file) in Affinity Publisher and they don't, in Affinity Designer. Here I attached two printing tests : one with Designer and the second with Publisher. If I print them with file > print, the result looks totally different in each case. Maybe I am missing a point ? Thanks again ! Lanval TESTPRINTDESIGNER.afdesign TESTPRINTPUBLISHER.afpub
  3. Dear Affinity community, I have a mystery that maybe one of you might help me to resolve ! I need to print a black and white vector drawing on a booklet. I made it with multiple black and white shapes or lines with Affinity Designer. When I print it directly from Affinity Designer (with file > print) it looks great : the vector lines look very sharp and the white color from my design is replaced by the color of my printing paper : this is exactly what I want ! I don't even have to export it first ! The problem comes with Affinity Publisher. When I insert this drawing in my composition (with file > insert) in order to illustrate my booklet ; I can't print it in the same way. Either my outlines look pixelized (like a low resolution .jpg file) Or my white color appear slightly different from the color of my printing paper (a very light grey) and I dont want that. I just want it to be transparent and replaced by the white color of my printing paper. Trust me, I tried every solution I could find on the internet to fix these problems (different export format, bend options, "erase white paper" option...) and nothing works. If anybody has a solution I would be very grateful for your help ! Thanks, in advance ! All the best, Lanval
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