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  1. I am sure that the Affinity team is working on this (and other) issues. Although I am not a professional graphic artist, I have used in the past many similar applications. So far, this suite is one of the best I've used.
  2. Thank you both, for the tips The GeForce Experience reports that my driver is up to date (465.89 Release Date 03/30/2021) It is true that if I disable the hardware acceleration in Affinity Photo the application won't crash. But it is unpleasant to degrade the performance of the Affinity Photo by setting off the hardware acceleration
  3. Hi Gabe, I really don't know. I have the sense the the previous version is more stable. This is a crash that I managed to reproduce. Some times the program crashed before but I considered it a coincidence No There is no unusual activity when it crashes. I've attached a crash report 2ab2bfd6-b0a1-4751-a2e7-21da8618dcb4.dmp
  4. Hi, Please watch the following video. I can send the file if that helps
  5. @PÅ¡enda: Thank you, this is the way I'll go Note: It would be nice to see an option for this, in a future release of the Affinity Designer
  6. Can the bounding box include the whole effect of the object while the object is a vector? If the Affinity cannot handle this situation, is there any workaround on this issue?
  7. Hi, I am a new Affinity Designer user and I am very satisfied so far by the application. I have an ellipse object and applied a Gaussian Blur effect on it. When I select the object, the Designer displays the bounding box selection without taking into account the bounds of the effect. Is there any option the snapping operation will include the effects of each layer
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