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  1. So I think it's just large files - the first file I was working with was this large banner. Since then, I've been creating small flyers and exporting them with no issue. Should be easy enough to re-create - happy to send (privately) the file I'm trying to export.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply. The colour format is CMYK/8 and the profile is U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2.
  3. I should say, it's a large files (making a banner) - 2150mm x 850mm in 300dpi. I can successfully export smaller files - so perhaps this is a memory issue? I'm working on an i7 rMBP with SSD and 8GB RAM.
  4. Hi, I'm struggling to export to PDF - Affinity Designer keeps crashing with the error below. I believe the same is happening on SVG export. Export to EPS is fine, and from that EPS, I can use Affinity Designer to export to PDF however this is only an image export, and I want to preserve the vectors. My only font is Verdana, so I'm not exporting text as curves. What I've tried: 1.) Exporting to different PDF filenames (on the same hard drive) 2.) Restarting AD 3.) Rebooting my laptop 4.) Uninstalled then reinstalled AD from the App Store 5.) Re-saved the .afdesign file and retr
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