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  1. Hi guys, I'm at a loss. To confirm I run Spyder to colour manage my display and I have read the display calibration spotlight before writing this. However, when I export images from Affinity the colours come out wrong. See the attachement. I have included my export settings.
  2. Hi Mark, it's neither of those. The adjstment layers are literally not working. I've recorded a very quick video of my screen trying to add an adjustment layer. (The video only records my main affinity window unfortunately it doesn't show the layers menu becasue the recorder must class those as a different video.) To be clear what I do in this video is create a layer by going to "layer">"new adjustment layer">"black & white". The new layer is active but does not affect the picture. When I invert the layer by going to "layer">"invert" it still does nothing. Here is a screnshot of the black and white layer. Afinity_Issue.mp4
  3. I've done something stupid but I don't understand what. When I add new layers now it isn't affecting anything. I think it's becasue the thumbnail is black not white -- see picture. I don't know what I did. Can anyone help?
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