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  1. macOS Mojave 10.14.5 in French Publisher Concerns the three color palettes at the top of the list (Grey, Color and Gradient) When the Publisher language is English, palettes export works well. When the Publisher language is "Default" (which is French for me), exporting palettes crashes Publisher.
  2. franco

    Swatches palette are empty

    Thomaso, you are right, Swatches are normally displayed when Publisher is in English. If I set the application in English (United States) or French, the Swatches are missing.
  3. franco

    Swatches palette are empty

    In version .317 the Gradients swatches palette is displayed and I can export it. On the other hand, Grays and Colors are still empty and Publisher crashes if I try to export them.
  4. The Grays, Colors and Gradients swatches palette are empty. By choosing to Export one of these palettes, Publisher crashes. With or without an open document in the editing window, the problem is the same. All other color Palettes work well. Affinity Publisher version macOSMojave version 10.14.5