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  1. Yeah I figured this would be the case after digging for a while, but still holding hope for some sort of work around. And I don't need to actually export the slices, rather I'd just like them to be all preloaded in some sort of way like the image below. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Hey! So I am going through over 500 product photos for our electronics company and I would like to automate creating slices. Basically for each product photo I am trying to export 7 standard slices with different aspect ratios and crops, so slices is definitely the tool for that. But it seems like a prime application for a macro or other preset thing where I can create all of these slices automatically with the export preset and aspect ratios that I want. I would still have to frame each photo and fine tune it, but having the slices all ready for me would be awesome. The macro tool seems to only work in the Photo persona. I timed myself a few times and doing the math, if I can automate this I will save me 20 hours of work! Best, Jared
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