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  1. I thought that may be the case. My Mac Pro desktop is currently running High Sierra and my laptop is running Catalina.
  2. Good evening, I am a new user to Affinity Designer and I am loving the experience so far. I am also lucky enough to have the software on both my Mac Pro and my MacBook Air. I am wondering if the list of fonts is the same on both software versions. There seem to be some fonts missing from the MacBook version that are on the Mac Pro version. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  3. That makes sense. I always feel like I'm asking dumb questions. Thanks for your help!
  4. Good afternoon, I am new to Affinity Designer and I am trying to design a logo for my business. I have been using Youtube video tutorials to help with most of the basic things but when trying to edit text, I am unable to locate the Character and Paragraph options in my toolbar. Should they already be there or do you need to add them manually? For example, below is a screenshot of the tutorial I am watching. and below this is my screen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Good afternoon, I am a new-ish user of Affinity Photo and I recently purchased Affinity Designer. I have been watching some tutorials on Youtube but for whatever reason, I cannot seem to figure out how to stop having all of my vectors show a blend or an "x-ray view". I apologize if my terminology is wrong or unknown, I am very new to vector designs. If anyone could help me change this setting I would really appreciate it!
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