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  1. hey guys, thanks so much for the help and comments, especially Lagarto 🤘😑🤘 a great forum. i was able to beef up the dpi, and now i know preview doesn't allow for a clear view in extreme close up (used Adobe acrobat to check) thx anon 2. files sent to Amazon. will see how things turn out on THEIR end i'll shout out the program again and the benefits of the forum on my instagram 'my story' later... https://www.instagram.com/adamarcher11/ do you guys work for the company? how can i thank you back? can i click anything to give good reviews? thx again for all the help, screenshots and guidance. Adam
  2. Hi Lagarto, first , thanks so much for taking the time to answer and post all the images, i really appreciate it. everyone seems very helpful here i’ll try and show what I’m doing here. (I just started using Aff pup. last month i'll attach one of my drawings in the book, titled dark 20.tiff original file, 600 dpi tiff... dark 20.tiff when i exported on this try I entered 600 for raster because that's the dpi most of the images are. (I’ve tried leaving at 300 etc.) these are some of the changes i make in the ‘more’ menu. (i've tried a few dozen variations of everything i can think of) and this is the original screen after i hit close the photo on the left is an extreme close up of the exported pdf from AFF Pub, the one on the right is of the original file. Both are opened and viewed here in Preview on my Mac. some more info on the book, it's 187 pgs. the first 178 should be sharp (aliased?) , and the last are greyscale images of color covers of my other novels. These shouldn't be converted to the sharp line art though i'm not sure that can be done in the same doc. thx again for your time. adam
  3. if anyone has experience exporting sharp aliased PDFs in affinity publisher it would mean a ton, thanks!
  4. Hi mike, thanks for the response, and yup, i've have tried that too. That might be the best way to describe it, the images are aliased when imported, but all pdfs i export are anti-aliased (blurry) and i hope there's a way to output a sharp aliased PDF . that i think will fix the pixilization at the printer. if anyone has experience with this it could solve an 8 year issue i've had with printing
  5. Hey guys, i'm trying to fix a pdf for print (Amazon KDP) and need to get a PDF with sharp line art. the original files (images in the affinity document) are high res and sharp. they's 600 dpi and have been converted to bitmap in past so sharp edges no greys etc. but i've spent the last 6 hours trying every variation of PDF in the drop down menu (print, flatten, export, and variations of each, altering all dpi, rastorization settings, compression etc. ) and once exported and opened the images when zoomed in all the way still have soft edges, and in some settings, slight variations in tone (white pixels, Black, and some grey) i've already submitted files and have gotten author proofs back from amazon of the novel and some of the images printed are pixelated. I think this 'soft PDF' line art is the problem and I'm trying to get a sharp PDF to try resubmitting again. Thx for taking the time to read! Adam
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