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  1. As @carl123 shows in his screenshot, use the Transform panel to change the X & Y coordinates of a selected object to non-integer numbers. You can also enable Force Pixel Alignment and Move by Whole Pixels on the toolbar next to Snapping. If the Transform panel isn't visible use View > Studio > Transform. Sorry, can't make the Quote system work today... Hi Lee, thanks for this note – it has pointed me down another avenue! In practice what I've learned is that I can avoid the 'Move Tool' by using a marquee, which I can drag around without any artifacts,
  2. Hi Carl, Thanks for your note! How can I change the X/Y coordinates – or better, how can I arrange for non-integer numbers of pixels not to be allowed (if that is what the issue is)? I can't see any display of coordinates on the screen? The original squiggle clearly doesn't offend, the pasted version does. I found that if I enlarge to, say 2000% I can drag the pasted squiggle so as to eliminate the artifacts eiither to the sides or above and/or below, and reduce the number of shades they display. Pretty fiddly, but possible. No way I could find to eliminate the artifacts both u
  3. Hi Matt, Thanks for your kindly interest! I obviously hadn't spotted that the forum was divided in this way. Will it offend if I copy and paste to the questions forum, or should I wait until a moderator moves it? Best regards, Tony.
  4. No reply on this topic! Does this mean that I've wasted a load of time getting to begin to cope with a program which won't support pixel-accurate editing? I'm sure I've managed to get some stuff to copy clean, but I've wasted a lot of time picking out jpeg-style artifacts one pixel at a time since. Not just cut and paste. I've unclicked anti-aliasing, but text I produce with the text tool still appears 'smoothed', and thus quite out of keeping with the document whose style I'm trying to conform to. This blurring is clearly a topic which some others have wrestled with, and a be
  5. Hi Walt, following some discussion under "Absolute beginner" here is an example of what I've come across. "Sample Squiggle" was a blank document, in which I made a random squiggle in black with the pixel tool. I then copied and pasted it (using Cmd C and Cmd V), and used the Move tool to slide the copied version away downwardss from the original. If you enlarge it to, say, 3,000% you will clearly see a mid-grey artefact attached somewhat unpredicatbly to the shape of the original. Less obvious is a very pale grey artifact, usually on the opposite side of the line. Some bits o
  6. Hi Walt, Done! See "Cut and paste differences" Best regards, Tony
  7. Good morning all! A surprising silence on the topic of the messed-up paste! So I asked a professional user friend (he does instruction manuals for white goods, among other things). Seems he couldn't persuade Photo to paste something clean-edged which he copied, allthough the same action came out fine in Photoshop. Very hard to believe, but is this a bug? I had a closer look at a paste on the diagram this morning. The blurring seems to have added a grey row of pixels sideways, but not vertically. So my letter N has a single-pixel grey line all around it, except at the top and
  8. Well, it is round, you see different things through it, it is not long and thin like a telescope, it is accurately round, so probably not a vegetable thing. Could have been a porthole, I suppose, but a porthole sees just one thing nearly all day. There's something which looks like an eye-dropper beside it, which I suppose implies disease ..?
  9. Silly me, I imagined, like the one on the other side of the screen, I had to click on it and then click on the thing I wanted it to take up. That was the missing clue. I spent about 40 mins on the colour panel page this morning without spotting it - partly because I believed I should (but couldn't) find the "HSL Colour wheel. No matter, yours was the clue I needed. Now the only real blockage is the weird jpeg effect when I cut and paste... Thanks for you help! Best, Tony.
  10. I have saved to TextEdit in the past, although this hasn't been a problem recently. I use Firefox, which has a similar function I think (but I couldn't find it just now!) Meanwhile, quite good progress. I've not found any way to be clear about exactly how it works, but I've managed, one way or another, to make a reasonable fist of the colours in my diagram. It usualy takes a fair while to select a colour for use in such a way as for it to be useable for colouring part of the diagram – I can't find any source of a logic about it – particularly the small magnifying glass in the Colour pa
  11. Hi firstdefence, thanks for doing this! ... Well, I composed a few paragraphs of reply ... Took a little while to discover that double-clicking the video made it go full screen (I couldn't see what you were doing, or read the text etc). Clicking on the 'shrink-back-down' button at the bottom right made it shrink again. And in the process, deleted everything I'd written in the last half hour. The main thing that I'm trying to do is to select a number of non-contiguous occurrences of a colour, then choose/make a colour more like the one I originally made and used and saved as a
  12. Hi R C-R Yes, a friend pointed out the transparency feature. I've occasionally come across it in GC, but basically I mostly work from scans, so there is nothing transparent about my work unles something makes it transparent. It arose seldom enough in GC that I don't think I ever got around to 'challenging' it. In the present case it covered a lot of my image, and made it harder to assess how it was going. One thing which is critical to the usefulness of this kind of file is that the different lines be followable, even at low magnification. With the transparency over/underlay thi
  13. Hi Anon, thanks for this! That is a leftover from my efforts to get back my green... Obviously the word 'mask' means something in particular. Nothing offered by the help system seemed to make any sense in this context? I believe you but don't understand you! The only small anomalous areas I can think of are where in GC I used white as a colour to get rid of something (can't remember what or why). Could this be relevant? Apparently I had the entire documet 'selected' – but I didn't see the ants as I was working on a small patch near the middle, so I didn't kno
  14. But ... I don't now how all my blue lines got the ants around them earlier! Presumably I have to repeat the trick to start learning how to change them? And nothing so far gets anything but black pixels out of the pixel tool. And my white background is dressed like a tablecloth – is this unavoidable? Best regards, Tony. Hi, a few things. The tablecloth is gone – I took courage in both hands and clicked (somewhat counter-intuitively) on Transparent in the Document menu. So now that it is no longer transparent I can no longer see the tablecloth! The marquee
  15. I wish! I choose what to copy, and it copies it. But I am prevented, mysteriously, from deciding where it is copied *to*, and wherever that happens to be, I'm prevented from moving it, seemingly. The help system? It tells me where to find the Paste command, but nothing to do with who I should ask permission of to paste it where I want it. Approaching 40 years of using only Macintoshes, you may imagine that being told where to find the command did not to add much to the sum of my knowledge... I watched some them again this morning. No information of any use to me. I want to selec
  16. Yes, that was impatience on my part. Sorry! (And suddenly I'm able to insert sensibly! What did I do?) That is a very good and kind suggestion. I shall do just that! Yes, but I've mostly had no luck with following it as yet (except moving stuff in the marquee). Still haven't found a way to get my colours back, other than hunting down every occurrence by hand. I did it before by accident, but now I can't do it on purpose. But with only one life, and a good deal of that used up already, I presume to use experience to inform experiment, particularly when doing so
  17. I took a fair while to reply, and then the page declared itself unable to connect, and then it vanished. Some days ...
  18. So I checked, and then I wasn't able to add anything. I don't get it! Best regards, Tony.
  19. But if you can't edit it (there was nowhere to access the previewed text other than the preview) what was the point? On other forums the preview appears, but the working version is beneath.
  20. And it turns out I can't edit the post when I preview it! (I wanted to put in the missing 'e' on the end of 'some'!)
  21. Now I have nowhere to put text I *write* as opposed to quoting... And I have to type 'Shift-Return' to go down a line. And oh gosh, yes! But how on earth is a beginner to know this. The two other forums I use which offer the facility have the legend 'Preview Post' alongside 'Submit Reply'. There is plenty of space for this, why would some one think it was a good idea to make it unobvious, and use a tiny icon most people will never have seen before? And while I'm complaining, why the non-English spell-checker? Run out of space again! But thanks! Best, T.
  22. Ah, managed to get rid of the repetition of your quote-line! But no option to preview my post. I'm quite familiar with doing this - I invariably check before posting any but the briefest note. But here it appears not to be offered! Best, T. P.S. it also seems to imply that my post is not getting posted, but perhaps it is getting posted multiple times? Anyway it is late here in France, and I've to be up early!
  23. The help system on my MacBook Pro gives: 24 results for “flood select tool” Affinity Photo Help (27) Flood Select Tool The Flood Select Tool enables you to select pixels of a similar colour with a single click. Flooding pixel selections Define a selection of similar colour value pixels with a single click. Drawing pixel selections Draw on your page to define a pixel selection. Modifying pixel se
  24. Yes, but see above! Still, between you you've got me through it. Now just a small matter of figuring out a way to make my simple change...! Best regards, Tony.
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