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  1. Sounds like a plan. I save often and sometimes 2 copies of work to different drives if it's something I really don't want to lose and of course have been doing so with my subsequent Affinity work after that loss 😄 I tend not to save to my main drive but that's just due to storage space (it's that bad). It's sad that I lost the file but I'm creating more and more work with the software which is helping bury my loss 😂 You and your colleagues have been a great help and I really appreciate the time you've all spent on me. Stay safe, guys, and keep making awesome software.
  2. Good morning, Leigh Thanks for getting back to me. Honestly I assumed I would never get my many hours of work back. I'm not sure how your devs were going to recover my file but some insight would be helpful. I do not have a backup. I would have used that if so. I regularly save all of my other work to drives other than my (C:) drive and have no issue. This goes for any other graphics software - no problems whatsoever. Only time I've had a problem is with Affinity Designer. Could you let me know what some of the many causes saving to USB are? This is the only corrupted file I've ever had saving to any drive. How would saving the file to my (C:) drive first have helped? Answers to these questions may help other users. I am sincere in my questioning despite it possibly reading otherwise. I appreciate yours and your colleagues time and help Despite this hiccup I'm am loving this software. It's bloomin awesome!
  3. Great stuff! Thank you so much. I hope it's salvageable. Any idea of the usual reasons for a file being truncated in Affinity ?
  4. Hi, I have only been using the Affinity Designer trial version for a few days and have been enjoying every minute of it but this morning I went to open a file that I have spent MANY hours on only to find an error message telling me the file can't be opened! I am using Windows 7 Enterprise (Service Pack 1) 64-bit OS The file was saved to a FAT32 Samsung stick that never gets removed Let me know if anymore information is required. I don't really know what to do. Please can someone help. As you can imagine, I really do not want to lose all the work I have put in to this. Many thanks
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