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  1. Unfortunately the pen tool also doesn't snap to other paths (either on the same layer nor on different one). So I am stuck aligning manually each brush stroke. Kind of counterproductive but I always wanted to charge more for my work. Now it seems the right time to bump the prices.
  2. That would be more than enough for me. I don't mind setting up my own "guide curved lines". I don't manage to make my brush strokes to even snap to another sole curve though. I am working on a project where I want to draw several hundred parallel curved vector brush strokes. For this projects it is essential that all brush strokes are following the same curve. In theory, drawing my desired curved path then duplicating it a few times and after that drawing over the new copies (having snapping enabled with the curve drawing preset) should do the trick. Unfortunately it doesn't. Hence my confusion. What am I doing wrong? Oh, and I do not wish to praise Manga Studio, there are reasons I am not using it and chose Affinity Designer instead, I just brought up the feature as a example.
  3. Thanks a lot for the prompt answer DM1! I downloaded your .pdf just in case but I also looked trough the built in help file. Unfortunately I just cannot set it up. About the excellent description I would say only that it could be done better. Anyways, I've set up a layer where I drew a curve, the duplicated the object several times, distributed and aligned the new objects. Then I created a new layer and tried all the snapping jazz from the menu. My brush strokes simply refuse to snap to the "guides". I have attached a screenshot of my project and one of the settings panel. What am I doing wrong? The result I am looking for is somewhat similar to this. This is the Ruler tool in Manga Studio.
  4. Hi everybody I'm quite new to Affinity Designer, been using it since a few days on iPad Pro and I am looking for a feature of some kind of a workaround. I would say I am quite proficient in some graphic design programs and from the mobility point of view it would be more than awesome if I could achieve the same results on Affinity Designer on my iPad. I watched all tutorials related to pencil and brush tool but couldn't find what I was interested in so therefore here is my question: Is there a way I could create curved guides and snap my brush strokes to them? For now all I could find are the vertical, horizontal and isometric modes but I would like to snap my brushes to rounded and curved guides (e.g. tight spiraling, multiple encompassing circles, undulating). Any tip that would get me there would be appreaciated, I'm not afraid of using complicated workarounds but for the moment I can't think of any. Thanks in advance and stay safe! ❦
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