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  1. OK, Tried that it worked as you claimed, Thanks. BUT, even though Serif printed better blacks from an 8 bit RGB black and white than Adobe, Nice. it introduced ink jet printer banding. on my Canon IJ can you please suggest a solution. Thanks so Much. All the best
  2. Awesome, Thanks maybe I can Ditch Adobe finally. I give it a go. Thank-You. All the Best
  3. Thanks for the excellent tutorial, I guess I was hoping for a less 1995 way to do it, like the photoshop print dialog. guess i'll have to keep supporting Adobe. I'm betting less people print these days, thus does not justify the time investment in the print module for photo programs. Besides printing is not a wiz bang feature selling point. Alas, thank you and maybe this suggestion will be implemented just as many of my Adobe Beta test ideas have eventually. fingers crossed. thanks All the Best
  4. Hi, Thanks for responding. In the menu I select print. then I must manually size the dimensions to match 4 x6 as opposed to it calculating automagically. Maybe Im doing something wrong. Please instruct me if you know a better way. Im a man and admit as typical, did not read the directions. A male mental deficet. lol Thank You Kindly
  5. The absolute only reason I've yet to dump my CC subscription is that EVERY other fine photo program has invested 0 time into the "print" function making it easy to use for people who aren't rocket scientist, engineer nerds.. Does Adobe hold a patent on usability and common sense. As long as I can remember its always been quick and easy to switch sizes, resize and switch formats WYSIWYG in Photoshop for a couple decades. Is it just me? and I have a low tolerance for ineptness. I have DXO photo lab, Affinity Photo, Luminar and Photoshop CC. Only PS has this feature and ability to figure out how to make a full frame 4 x 6 automagically instantly without user math input. Thank You. A former Adobe beta tester. i would like this resolved ASAP so I can confidently cancel my CC. I used Serif Photo back in the day and it worked fine for printing quickly. All the Best
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