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  1. Hello, I tested your suggestion for the past weeks and I am happy to say the problem is fixed! It showed up in none of my dokuments anymore and I have no Issues anymore whatsoever! Thank you so much for your help!!
  2. I uploaded the Video. Its depicting the problem mostly correctly, it just didn`t capture the vivid flashing the Paintbrush produces when the stroke is drawn. The drawing Tablet is a Wacom Cintique 22qHD, the information on my Hardware are as follows: - CPU: AMD ryzen 5 1400 - RAM: 16 GB DDR 4 2133 - 256 GB SSD - 3TB HDD - Windows 10 64 Bit The problem occured with the 1.8 Update. Bevor that there was no such Problem. In the 1.7 Update was a diffrent problem, where the paintbrush stroke would bug out and would only draw short, straight lines. That one could just be fixed in restarting the Programm. That one never showed up in the 1.8 Update, but was replaced with the flashing Brush. I don`t know if these have a conection. Also all my Programms are Updated I run no outdated Software. Thank you for your help!
  3. I paint in Affinity Designer in the Pixel Persona. Alot of the Time a bug shows up, its just a visual thing but it causes me to get headaches. When I paint the Cursor bugs at the spot where I start painting, it stays there and starts flashing while I draw the line. I later noticed it happens in the Vector Persona as well. I dont know what causes it. It just shows up, alot. Closing the Programm dosn`t help, when it shows up it just stays, I don`t have a method of getting rid of it. Sometimes I am lucky and it doesn`t appear. (I have a small Video of the bug but I can`t Upload it sooo)
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