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  1. Not at the moment since I went through and fixed them. The next time it happens, I will post it.
  2. They were linked. I answered this before the same way so why is this still open. While I can understand that links can break, I do not understand why they happen so often and so widespread. It seems to me that there is a problem in Publisher that prevents it from maintaining links properly.
  3. The book I am writing is very heavy in graphics, mostly photographs. The last 7 times I've opened the saved copy of the book and checked over it, anywhere from one to ten photographs now have an opaque covering that prevents the viewing of the photograph. It is wasting a great deal of my time having to check every page of the book to find out which photographs I have to redo.
  4. I am writing a book that is heavy in photographs. Lately, when I opened up the book to continue writing it, Publisher had lost a few connections to the photos. Why this happens I have no idea as the photo is, I assume, pasted into the page. Tonight, when I opened the book to continue working on it, it lost connections for about 15 photos and another 6 or 7 had masks applied to them Anybody have any idea of why this happens and what the fix is?
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