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  1. Hi everybody, Is there any possibility to set different colours to a set of auxiliary lines? It would be very helpful to differentiate between different sets of lines. If not available: Serif: is it planned to have this possibility and if, when? Second part: the auxiliary lines for columns can be defined in a broad range. But if I want to define different spacing between vertical and horizontal lines, to define the fields for labels exactly, e.g., thereĀ“s only the possibility to define one space. Any solution available? Or, as before: Serif: is it planned to have this possibility and if, when?
  2. Many thanks to both, Babelfisch and GarryP: it works. I work a lot with QuarkXpress, where the metadata are set differently and didn't find them here. So thanks again!
  3. Creating larger documents needs to place a page number on each page. Often, especially in technical documentations, it's also needed to insert the total number of pages of the document, as well (page 5 of 50, e.g.). For the first you can insert a field with "page number", that works well. But in the latter case there's no field given. The other fields "next / previous frame page number do not deliver the correct result. How to do this? You can wait until the end and insert the real number on the master pages. But that's not the way. Any addition of a page leads to a lot of changes needed. So, who can give advice how to automate this, too? If not given: Affinity, when will you be able to offer this feature?

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