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  1. Thanks for taking a look. I've uploaded two of the PDFs that did not carry over to Affinity in their original form (the table columns got messed up on the fee table and the headings/bulletpoints got messed up on the text doc). 6730Germantown.Fees.pdf 6730Gtown T&Cs.pdf
  2. I have been having trouble importing PDF documents into Affinity. I have tried multiple ways of creating the PDFs (using different softwares) and the problem persists. In short, there are occassions where font type, treatment, and table formatting differs in Affinity than it does in the original PDF that is dropped in. I screen captured snippets of two illustrative problems...showing original PDF and how it looks after I dropped it into Affinity. I am using a PC with version Thank you for any insight! Affinity PDF Issues.docx
  3. Our office is desperate for a text match tool, like the paintbrush in word....where you can pull formatting from one part of a document and match in another. Does this existing in some way or is it in the works? Thank you!
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