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  1. I see that there are. I really like the idea of being able to make my own stuff and branch out and away from the world of printing "Thankful" on everything I own. I like the Cricut machine I bought so far. Without knowing too much about it though, my initial impressions of "Cricut Design Space" is that it seems like hot garbage.
  2. Much appreciated, again! Trying to learn two new things at once as a quarantine project.
  3. Thank you very much! I do see how the words are punched out of the caramel layer. which makes them a transparent item. How would I make them cut out of the circle but also have a layer that includes the words in blue, same size, same location? Sorry if I am asking a ton of questions.
  4. Good afternoon, all! I am sure this has been asked before so if anyone has a link that I cannot seem to locate, I would appreciate it. I am attempting to make simple designs in Designer for export as an SVG to then upload to Cricut Design Space. I have attached a file with a simple example. I am wondering what the steps would be to do a couple things: 1. Have overlapping parts of the layers be negative space in what is behind it. An example would be the text in the attached file. If I am cutting vinyl and want everything to be on the same plane, I need the words cut out of what is behind it so the words can fit inside of it. 2. When uploading the file into Cricut Design Space, instead of the outline of the circle I have created (3 of them), Design Space fills in the circles with the associated color. I want just the outline of the shape and not the fill. Any idea what I am doing wrong? I am using the file as an example of what I would try to do because I am assuming that whatever I do with any other sort of shape would lead to the same results. If I just want an outline of a given shape, why doesn't Cricut recognize it as it was drawn? Thanks for any help you can provide. even if it is a link or such pointing me to another resource. AnyTextOverShapes.afdesign
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