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  1. Sorry for my delayed response. I live in Japan. yip yip yip hooorayyyyy it worked!! *Intensified Happy Dance* Thank you so much!!
  2. Thank you GarryP! that's make sense. May I ask how can I create a new Text Style? is it under the paragraph section? I also tried that one but it didn't work. Not sure why 😢
  3. Hi! Still struggling to learn about table and such. I tried to change font from Arial 37.1pt to IRIS UPC 72pt. but every time I chose to change either font/size, it snapped back right to Arial 37.1pt. I tried delete the whole table and made a new one but the same problem still persist. For some reason, I was succeed to change the font and size at the last panel but not other table panels. Any idea guys? I attached the master page file without the artwork for more information. Thank you in advance. Forum Q and A.afpub
  4. Thank you v_kyr. That didn't work for me but I figured it out! In the red box, my text was which works fine for the automated calendar, just cannot do the right align haha. I noticed that in the thread use as a reference, the instruction was and then I could use the right align option in the blue box (either works). Is there any resource I can study further about the formula? Thank you everyone for taking your time to help me in this topic ^^
  5. Hi! a newbie here! I am trying to create a sorta automated calendar from this thread, >> (by the way, thank you Eugune Tyson for an awesome thread!) Here is my result: My question is that I want to move the numbers to the black circle position (right align) but I can't seems to figure out which tool to use. I tried everything in the red rectangle box, they didn't work for me. Maybe I miss something? Thank you in advance!
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