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  1. Hi Leigh, thanks for your reply. I've been experimenting with it and what you've suggested above is probably about as good as it will get for my particular case. Do you have a Suggestions Box? I think this would be a good candidate for a future enhancement idea.
  2. Thanks @Leigh That's how I managed to get it to work but I couldn't quite see the point of doing this as (in my case) it's quicker to type the literal filename into the Path Components edit box. Maybe I should explain my workflow so you can see what I'm trying to do. I'm working on a package label design at the moment. The client has asked for three versions and four instances of each version with different colourways and/or typefaces before moving to a single choice for production. This means that if I only create the minimum required (and I rarely do as there will be more intermediate designs which will be narrowed down before showing the client), I will need to create 12 images, or a multiple of 12 if different resolutions or sizes are required. BTW, the Export option is great for configuring the multiple versions once and then letting it do its stuff when each design iteration is completed. Most designs in a group like this are derivatives of previous designs. I usually use a number followed by an alpha for the end of the filename when the design is saved. So design1a would be the first saved filename and then the next design would be saved under the name design2a etc. A colour or type variation on design1a might be saved under design1b, for example. All these files would normally be saved in the same folder or directory. When it comes to exporting the previews then things become a little tedious and the chance for mistakes increases. If I create an initial design idea as design1a and then a derivative called design1b then the exports (by default) would use the same filenames and the latter export would overwrite any previous ones. If I forget to edit the filename element of the export I could inadvertently overwrite a previous export. Having to edit the export each time (IMHO) is something that could be avoided if the filename of the project file was made available in the Path Components section of the export setup. This way when you do a Save as... with a new filename any new exported slices could inherit the filename change without the need to edit the setup and generate a new export filename and avoid overwriting files exported in any other iteration. This could be configured in the first design file and then any subsequent iterations would simply follow this model. In addition, this would also show the heritage of any export and allow to go directly to the correct design file for any chosen image file. As it currently stands I'm having to create a subfolder for each version and then further subfolders for each iteration as a means of avoiding the need to edit the export setting each time. This is not ideal as the final images are spread out through the folder structure and not visible in a single location. Sorry for the essay.
  3. Something like this? Path is probably unnecessary if the saved files are relative to the current project folder. The (only) is to suggest that the specific file extension is omitted.
  4. Hi Leigh, I've now had chance to take at look at this again. Unfortunately, I can seem to figure out how it all works. Also, I can't see any documentation or help information for it. Are you able to point me to any, please? The UI seems very unintuitive. i.e. I couldn't figure out how to use it with just experimentation. That aside, if my guess as to how this is intended to work is correct then this would be more work that simply editing the individual slice export details after each version save. What I need is the ability to incorporate the name of the file that the design is saved under into the slide export parameters. Then each version save would automatically update the slice export names used. This way if I ever find an exported artboard or graphic in a project folder I can easily find the design file from where it originated. Currently I'm having to create separate folders for each version/iteration which makes it harder to get an overview in the OS when viewing the project files, and also collating options for clients means more drilling down through folder hierarchies.
  5. Just wondering if there has been any update to this suggested mod to Designer? I'm a new user and I'm working on 14 variations (each in separate files) of a label design. I've been exporting a PNG image as each variation was completed and have suddenly realised that I have only one exported image - Artboard1.png. There now looks to be a tedious task ahead of me of going in and editing the Slice or Artboard name for each file and then performing the export again. Surely, a filename parameter could be added to the available list without too much trouble?
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