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  1. I'm using 1.9.0. I think i have to use a different software to check layers on exported pdf files, other then re-importing in Affinity Design, even if is weird, or bad, if you rely on pdf source files only... Thank you. If is a bug, i hope someone from development will read this topic!
  2. Hi Paul Mc thank you for feedback. I just downloaded the prova.pdf file and opened it with designer. Attached you see the layers messed up.
  3. Trying to export to pdf an artwork with different layers, i get pdf file with messed up layers: changed in order and nested and mixed with objects. Please see attached files. Can you help me? prova.afdesign prova.pdf
  4. Hi, thank you for answer. I attached a print screen of file. First column updated attachment and expanded dimensions to crop-box. Now i have first column items sized to 30mm, instead of 25 mm (blue file) I saw that in some other files the software open up the file, the attachment are over-sized, and then begin a resizing process to bring right dimensions to items. In Yellow file you can see print screen when process is going on. But sometimes not all items are fixed...
  5. Hi. I use to import (link) in publisher pdf graphics with bleed and crop marks. Page box is set to "crop box", in order to show and print such details. I save and close publisher file. If i modify the linked PDF file, and re-open the publisher file, the resource manager warn about the change: running the "update" i get new version of PDF resource, but the result is that the linked resource is now bigger: the "trim box" is expanded to dimensions of the old "crop box". How can i keep same dimensions updating resources? Is it a bug? Thanks. Riccardo
  6. Hi. I have a problem when exporting form Designer. My printing service ask to get all graphics on one layer called "Artwork" and the cutting contour on another level called "CutContour". I arranged accordingly the layers in my designer source file, but when i check the exported pdf file, the name of layers is changed and also some layers are added (for instance a layer is added for the contour of the bleed). Is that possible to keep the structure and names of layers? I tried out all export options...
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