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  1. Thank you, I just realized that I had to select the subject layer first. Appreciate your clarification.
  2. Hello, Using the latest version of Affinity Designer on a Mac. I copied, pasted, rasterized, and then cropped an image in AD. Now, I'd like to reposition the image within the crop area. How may I drag the image around inside the crop area? Thanks! SR
  3. AD file uploaded for review. Thank you. 1984_shirt._small_canvas.afdesign
  4. Unfortunately, neither solution posted worked for me in making the "black" transparent in my image. To clarify, the imported .EPS was 100% vector, no raster, as were all of the additions within Affinity Designer. Happy to provide more info or the subject file if that would be helpful.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to assist me; I really appreciate your help. SR
  6. I've created a vector design in Affinity Designer using an imported .EPS. The design has lots of black, but I want to output the file as a PNG with black being transparent (will be printing on black shirt). So, I want all colors except black in the final output. How may I best accomplish this?
  7. Both terrific suggestions and very helpful, markw. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the info, Thomaso. Yes, it was "A" that I wanted. When I copy/paste, it creates a new layer, which I don't want. Can I copy/paste without creating a new layer?
  9. Yes, I am. Sorry to have cross posted. How may I accomplish copying the selection marquee?
  10. Thanks for the fast reply! Pressing the Option key before dragging a selection does not copy the selection for me, it only moves it. What might I be doing wrong?
  11. Hello, I'm trying to copy a selection by using option + drag, but it does not seem to work as it does in Photoshop. Rather, using this combination seems to move the pixels, not create a copy of them on the same layer. Can you please clarify? SR
  12. Hello, I followed an online tutorial about adding existing Photoshop plugins to Affinity Photo. Going to preferences, I added the PS plugins folder and checked "Allow Unknown Plugins to be Used." Then I restarted Affinity Photo. However, none of the plugins are showing up in AP. I'd prefer not to redundantly install the plugins if they can be "shared" by AP. Thanks for your assistance. SR
  13. Just purchased AF and AD. As part of the purchase, I received some free textures. However, I cannot figure out where to store these, how to load them, and with which app they are compatible. Thanks for any assistance you can provide. SR
  14. Thank you for the link. Appears to be the exact same problem. BTW, I'm using MacOS 10.14.6. SR
  15. Hi Friends, Trying to switch over from Photoshop CS6 to Affinity Photo... Today, I entered Quick Mask mode for the first time, after making a marquee selection. When I attempted to drag the Marquee Selection, Photo crashed instantly. This happened twice in a row. Is this a known bug? SR
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