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  1. Yes, thank you! Deactivating show samples completely solved the issue!
  2. The work-around did not work for me unfortunately and the issue is still present in the newest beta (though I can still close the program and don't have to end it in the Task Manager). In what version do you think was the issue introduced? I think I will just revert my installation now
  3. The increased CPU isn't my problem, my problem is that the program isn't responding at all, meaning I can't do anything. Is everything working on your machine? (Especially expanding the "Body" group in the "Text Styles" window) Hardware acceleration was already disabled
  4. Hello everyone, I have a template created in version on my Windows 10 laptop (it still works in that version) and when I try to open it on another device in version (also on Windows 10) the program freezes as soon as I expand the "Body" group in the "Text Styles" panel. It doesn't actually crash, but even after waiting half an hour (on constant 25% CPU usage) the program didn't respond and I had to kill it with the Task-Manager, so unfortunately a crash report isn't saved (the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Publisher\1.0\CrashReports\reports f
  5. Thanks, yes, there was a stroke, but it was disabled in the Appearance tab, that doesn't make a difference, does it? I just found a workaround myself, although it's a little more complicated, it still achieves the same thing: I duplicated the black element, made it white and put it under the other two elements. Then I moved the white spikes above the original black body and performed a Alt+Subtract action on both (black body + spikes) . This is the new setup, it doesn't cause any ghost lines to appear. Here the new exported image: (The new file is attached) I still t
  6. Thank you, shure. Additionally the exportet png image: error.afdesign
  7. When I create an object and put another object as the child of the first object, a little line appears, that even stays when I export the image: https://pasteboard.co/J5jflmc.png None of the objects has a stroke, so I really wonder where the line comes from. Precise clipping is enabled Thank you very much in advance!
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