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  1. my fault. i was searching it in englis but didn't realize i had set the software language in spanish.... im out.. hahahaha
  2. Hi, it's a lot of time i dont use publication apps, but i remember that at school the teacher always says that the best is not to have more than 3 lines with hyphenation. Where can i set that on publisher?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to make something but i don't know how to do it. I can do it duplicating the layer and placing it in the other artboard but i think that there must be another way to do it. i want to extend the image one as the shape below, and make it enter in the artboard 2 area, the same with the second and third picture (as the shapes below). I need 3 artboards because i must export them as separated jpeg files. Thanks!
  4. Hi, it's possible to add another language to the spelling check options? I usually work with Spanish, Italian and English languages, and they're all in there, but... What about to include Catalan? That's possible? Thanks!
  5. Thank you! got it, but i thought it was easier or just a one click option. hope Affinity will apply the option to do it faster with just one click. Thanks again
  6. how can i select it if its not activated? i dont understand the procedure you're telling me NO OBJECT SELECTED = NO ALIGN PANEL ACTIVATED KEY OBJECT SELECTED = NO OPTION TO MAKE ANYTHING ON ALIGN PANEL
  7. I've read all the posts here, and some other posts on the web on how to align objects with a key object. I can't... i've tried with some forms, new document, restarting the computer and i can't do it or understand how it properly works. When i select the two or the 3 items i want to align (normally just 2) and click on alignment panel, i have no choice to change the behavior of this panel. I've tried to select first the key one and then the other with the shift, and with option (alt) but no success either... Any idea?
  8. Hi! There's any way to set as default the center anchor point in Transformation? It's always set up at the top-left corner and every time I need to transform I must change it. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I've searched over the web but i can't find an answer for that. In photoshop and illustrator i can take some objects or layers and move them between opened document tabs. In affinity, when i try to do it the document area just moves around but i can't place the object i'm trying to copy to the other tab. i know i can copy/past, but some times is more easy doing it by moving objects to the other tab. Anyone knows how to do it if its possible? Thanks!
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