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  1. Thanks Jon, I hope you guys can make some progress! I've been enjoying Affinity photo and would love to make use of Publisher, but my publishing work usually involves INDD/INDML
  2. Hi Jon Thanks very much! I've uploaded to dropbox. Would really appreciate any insight on the problem. NB: these are not current edits. I ended up using InDesign to edit. In future, i hope to stick to Affinity Publisher.... Thanks Paul
  3. Greetings! I was sold on Affinity's stuff after playing around for a bit, and the current 50% discount...: ) Looks great. I'm trying to load a <1 mb IDML file a typesetter sent me (along with the INDD and a PDF) of a 400 pp book. I can see by the PDF it looks just as I want, but i need to make text edits, and hoped to do this with Affinity Publisher's ability to open the IDML, then save as a native file. On first trying to open it, it fairly quickly said links were missing, and i opened Resource manager to assign them. The book is mostly from scans of a first edition, so these link PDFs represent the first edition scans. It took quite a few minutes each, until it said "Persona disk usage has risen above the warning limit - consider closing some documents." and seemed to stall Then, strangely, on about 6 subsequent tries to open the same IDML, it doesn't even get to assigning the links and seems to stall, whilst my HDD space decreases massively, by 34 (yes, thirty four!) gigabytes after 20 minutes! Activity monitor says its the App and "launchhd" that are writing the data, so it seems like its in soem kind of loop.... I'm working on a Macbook pro, late 2013, i7 with 16 gb RAM and a 2 gb graphics card, 500 gb SSD. Running Mojave 10.14.6. I tried resetting the NVRAM, but didn't change anything. As a workaround, i tried IDMarkz to open the IDML, and it came out all out of sequence and out of layout. I may be able to do my main changes just by editing the PDF directly.... Any thoughts/help appreciated! Thanks Paul
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