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  1. I have searched for the .ips files but could not find any for Affinity Photo. Privacy -> Analytics -> Analytics Data I searched the data for the correct date and could not find any entries (in case the program was listed differently than with Photo XXX) So unfortunately there are no crash reports.
  2. - I am not even able to import an image, its crashing as soon as I am opening the import window - I am trying to import the photo through the plus in the upper right corner and than by clicking on "import through photos" i tried to do the screen recording but its just gone when the app crashes, thats why i recorded my tablet with my phone. The videos are attached Screenrecording_is_alos_crashing.mp4 Trying_to_import_photo.mp4
  3. Thanks for the advice, unfortunately this didn't help either, I just looked at the reviews in the App Store to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong or am the only one the problem affects. Apparently this is a common bug since the last update, as there are hundreds of one star ratings with the same problem...
  4. I have checked the settings and "photos" has read and write access. The pictures are displayed but before I can click on a folder or interact in any way, the app closes.
  5. Hey, i bought the iOS version of Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro (3rd gen) today and it keeps crashing everytime i try to import a photo. It's not even because of a specific file, I just click on "Import from Photos" and after 2 seconds the whole app just crashes. Its happening everytime. It's not happening on my older iPad Air. Hope you can replicate the bug and fix it, otherwise the app is not really usable.
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