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  1. I tried in 72 dpi first. It should be less than 100kb? Facebook never has any image posted over 100kbs? I just checked out FB has images with 416kbs and more. So what is the problem? Is this only about texts? Sorry I am not very new to this, when I posted some good quality images, photographs I mean the quality almost stays as good. But documments I create with texts are so bad, color looks messed up too. and I didn't get how I use web colours. I tried copying from website but I see different colour on my pc, sad. I think affinity should help more in these things, uploading to social media is very important. Thank you for your answer John, appreaciated
  2. Here is the document I am talking about in afphoto format vlijug2M_2x.afphoto
  3. Hello guys, please respond to this, this is really serious! I have created pgn file with some texts on it, something like a meme and exported. I posted it on Facebook and the text looks bad, colours are messed up somehow, looks pixelated too. It happens all the time. I am not sure if it's about Facebook only, must be some settings in affinity too. Here are the pictures: created in affinity and exported in pgn: https://pasteboard.co/J51LF4J.png How it looks posted on facebook: https://pasteboard.co/J51Lf0J.png screenshot in affinity while working on document: https://pasteboard.co/J51MiUG.png Please help me guys! I wasn't able to upload pictures so I had to upload them using web links
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