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  1. With all due respect, that seems to be a very "goal post moving" explanation, considering that Arial is just as old and works fine. It's also concerning since other creative programs don't seem to have any issue running these ancient and arcane fonts. Could it be possible that there's a quirk in the programs themselves and not in the font file? If a designer has to filter through their font library to weed out potentially aged fonts, that is a problem. What's the age cutoff? Are there exceptions? Again, Affinity at least partially recognizes the fonts as it allows them to run as glyphs. Give it a try and see what I mean.
  2. A few examples: Abigail Absalom Batavia Campbell Casmira Elegance
  3. Guilty as charged. Some of the specific fonts are featured in that screenshot. I did due a quick test of the fonts across multiple programs and found some interesting results. Affinity suite, GIMP, Scribus and Inkscape could not read the fonts. However, Corel Painter, Adobe XD, Clip Stuido Paint, Davinci Resolve and Microsoft Office can. I wonder if it is something else besides a corrupted file or file cache and perhaps a compatibility issue.
  4. I've just tried to delete the font cache, which is a lot more complicated than the instructions would have one believe. A lot of programs including Radeon, Dropbox and even Firefox access the font cache. I tried shutting them down and deleting but the remaining files wouldn't even tell me which program had THEM open. Then the cache rebuilt itself while I was trying to clean it out! So, I'm up for ideas. What files I was able to clear didn't do the trick.
  5. Unfortunately, applying a style doesn't seem to have an effect. Clearly Designer recognizes the font, since it can be used as a glyph set but won't permit it to be used regularly.
  6. I've search the forum to see if this was addressed and didn't find anything yet. I have a number of fonts that will not render at all and are replaced with Arial across Publisher and Designer. When I open up the Font Manager in Publisher, it says that there are unsupported characters. However, I did notice that if I attempt to set up a Character Style, the font is rendered correctly in the browser. Additionally, if I activate the Glyph panel, the font appears correctly and, though time consuming, can be applied. I saw mention that Variable and SVG types weren't supported but I'm not exactly sure how to check that. The attached image show a list of some of the affected fonts (Arial is just a baseline) and how it appears when viewing the Character Style.
  7. I'm not sure what's happening here, but I exported a PDF into Publisher and it changed certain letter combinations ("ti, tt & ft") to glyphs. I spent the time, finding and replacing them all and recreating the pdf from an AF pub file and while the new PDF shows the correct characters, a copy/paste of the text indicates the glyphs are still there. This could pose a problem with ATS software that some Human Resources departments use to scan CVs.
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