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  1. Every time I open my affinity saved design it always always says - Some of your linked resource files are missing. Would you like to locate them? And then I have to re-add the images all in. What am I doing wrong? I am not moving the original file... Thank you, Phoebe
  2. I've screen shot, before lock, after lock and then when pressed ok it goes back to what it was before..?!
  3. Thank you Garry! I tried that but it still goes back to try to 'justify' it according to one size... ?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to change my spread dimensions to custom size (completely change both). But when going to spread set up I can only change width and the height automatically is changed to meet the page. Is there a way to custom change my width and height without having to start a new file completely? Can I keep this page set up for one page and a new page to be different (in the same file)> I am creating a book cover. For one company they need it a few inches different, but when I change the spread I cannot get it to read the required dimensions so I will either need to start over with a new document or if someone can help!! please! This is what i am now but i need it to be 8.888in x 7.130in thank you
  5. Old Bruce you legend!! That was the solution!! Thank you so much!!! LIFESAVER woo hooo!!
  6. to continue with the above, Both 'color' and 'swatch' has been changed as per the above. and I tried changing width to 0' - nothing changes.
  7. thank you so much everyone for your quick replies! I'm so grateful! Yes - it's affinity publisher. I have done both suggestions as above, however nothing has changed. I've attached screen shots. When exporting the line is still there. If i change the other circle (that is black ) to the white the words 'and still' disappears. I will perhaps remove the line completely and then try it again...!? but just very odd and annoying to not know where it's going wrong.
  8. ah thank you Alfred!! A Path! I will update So that's what I thought too - it would be invisible on export, but it is not I've attached a photo to prove it! this is an image of the export as a PDF for print. ... !?
  9. Hello! I've used the nodes (i believed they're called), to write curved text. However, the curved text is written, and the outline of the node is visible (even in preview mode and when exporting). I've tried to watch tutorials but no one explains how to remove these nodes without removing the text. Some have changed the opacity but when trying this the text is lightened as well as the node. Please help! An image below to show what I am referring to. the line under 'and still,' - how do i remove this/ and is this called node?
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