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  1. appreciate your time and help though @walt.farrell ; hopefully someone from Serif comes to help, I'm sending a ticket now to them
  2. Also checked and this is a problem people have been having for years on end, multiple releases, no fixes on this still?
  3. Just double checked my drivers, nothing needs to be updated, no 3rd party softwares, no extensions whatsoever, Any clues as to this?
  4. I don't believe i have any of this other 3rd party software installed; None of these are installed on my computer actually, graphics card just got updated recently today, so that's not an issue either. Also, there are no logs from it crashing, aside from windows viewer, which is beyond me. Got a log from Microsoft but that's about it, nothing here about 3rd party software, so yeah, still nothing, rebooted multiple times, clean installed 4 times, kept the default directory, ensured that nothing was changed, kept pretty much everything defaulted and yet nothing works. I even updated windows and checked for updates multitudes of times same with my graphics card, even uninstalled and reinstalled it too, and then updated it as usual.
  5. Update 2: Reinstalled video drivers / graphic drivers, restarted / shutdown PC. Still nothing; Ran PowerShell commands, nothing worked, not sure if this is a windows issue or an Affinity issue, could really use help, hope this gets approved sooner than later.
  6. Update: Found in the windows event viewer that it opens then crashes then opens then crashes again when i try to open it,.
  7. So I just bought Affinity Photo for my windows 10 pc, No viruses, malware, etc on this computer; I cannot open the application to begin with; there's nothing popping up on the screen, or anything of the sort, there's a small blue ball spinning by the cursor and then nothing happens, nothing in the task manager is open, which means the computer isn't even opening the application, I installed it on the default directory which is the C drive for me, I need some help because I got this for half off with the deal they're having and I hope that I can use it soon, can anyone help me? I used a PowerShell command to check the integrity of all the files on my computer, no corrupted files from windows and the such. Please, if anyone can help it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, stay safe and take care of yourselves as well.
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