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  1. issue is still pending. Here is the proof. 2020-05-04_23-53-43.mp4
  2. So this is my issue. I've assigned the left click of my mouse to one of the buttons on my pen in my Huion pen tablet. When i hold Alt and the button on the pen, a duplicate is created instead of force select the object underneath. I do not know whether its got to do with my mouse connection and my pen tablet connection connected at the same time with affinity photo. I have a feeling there are 2 mouse pointers at the same time. one from my mouse, the other from the pen. But still. It works smoothly on Photoshop Please rectify this issue. I just bought the Affinity Suite + a Huion HS610 but i'm still haven't witnessed the greatness of your product and neither have i started my digital journey. I believe in you guys though. Also...Ctrl+D isn't unselecting the selected item as shown in the video. It does in Affinity Designer but not Photo Please increase volume to listen to my audio. Thank you guys 2020-05-04_23-53-43.mp4
  3. Can you please tell me how to select the behind layer using a pen tablet? Im using Huion Hs610. I hold Alt + left click with mouse, it works. But with my tablet, its creating a duplicate of the above layer. Please Help! And yes I've sorted out all the customizable buttons of my Pen and the tablet. Works in Ps. Not here. If the Auto Select feature isn't there on Affinity, then matte painters would be having a difficult time as we deal with many layers. I bought all the 3 Affinity programs last week because i believe in you guys. Keep up the good work and let's fix all the bugs asap. Cheers. TC. StayHome
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