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  1. dear gerald, i could only try that approach on the macintosh so far, but it worked! uninstall completely and than install version 1.8.3. worked a treat here on the mac for me. will try next week on windows and report back. downgrading to version 1.8.2 on windows allowed me to export a pdf but all images were converted to cmyk no matter what settings i've used. its a bit of a pain to set the pdf export settings since its not in standard terminology. but used to work. will report back on windows next week.
  2. hmmm strange, uninstalling all of publisher and then reinstalling a brand new copy fixed the problem on the mac, will try to do the same on windows, maybe its fixed and never was a problem except for people that did an automatic update...
  3. Have you ensured the "Convert image colour spaces" option is set correctly? i wonder - are we both talking the same language? i am talking about late binding pdfx-4 files, and their important advantage is the fact that all images are left in the colourspace they are in, tagged, but not converted. thats the huge advantage of pdfx-4 late binding, and that was fully supported by affinity up to version 1.8.2 (broken on windows, works on mac) and even worse in 1.8.3, now pdf export with rob images stopped working completely.
  4. in version 1.8.2, on pdf export, all images are converted to cmyk no matter what you set as an option, in version 1.8.3 affinity publisher errors out as soon as a rib image is placed in a document. version 1.8.0 of affinity publisher was ok and it sadly went downhill from there in the pdfX-4 export section.
  5. please roll back the affinity publisher version 1.8.3, its broken at the pdf export stage on mac and windows. mainly with pdfx-4 and rgb images, but thats extremely important to work without a glitch. revering back to 1.8.2 is the best option.
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