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  1. It would be nice to be able to define duplicate crop presets. Each preset would have a different name. I believe this would be useful because I don't want to have to remember that Instagram allows 4:5, 1:1, etc crops. I could add the default presets into an Instagram category, but as far as I know they can only be in one category at a time.
  2. I'm attempting to create a preset for Instagram (4:5 portrait), but the "Create Preset" button is greyed out. I'm using custom ratio. The only reason I can think of that's causing the problem is the 5:4 preset listed in Common Ratios. However, it's still greyed out when changing it to 5:4. Maybe the application considers them to be the same preset? If that's the case, is it possible to put a feature request in for duplicate crop ratio presets, but with different names?
  3. As @alan_hodges said, the issue appears to be fixed under 1.91. I've only tested a couple of images, but I'm not receiving any of the discolorations. However, I did see that the update appears to have changed my rendering card from the 1050 to the integrated card, which I changed back. This may be the cause of @alan_hodges's crash issue.
  4. @MEB I've uploaded an afphoto file and a screenshot of what the image looks like on my screen. square-discoloration.afphoto
  5. Hi @MEB, I'm running Windows 10 with a GTX1050Ti and 16GB of RAM.
  6. I just started shooting RAW (CR3) with a new camera (Canon 90D) and noticed some artifacts when developing from the Develop persona. The images are large (32 MP), so occasionally it takes half a second for the changes to propagate to the image. For example, I will modify the shadows/highlights and for half a second the image will scan (or pixelate) as the changes are applied. Sometimes when I do this I notice large, slightly discolored squares as if the effect wasn't completely applied. For an image of this size, the squares are probably around 500px to 1000px on each side. I can fix it by modifying the slider again, but when I actually press "Develop", the squares usually return. On one image I was able to remove it, but on another it had 3-4 of these discolored squares so I had to reopen it to make the changes in the Develop persona again. My graphics card is always up-to-date and I'm also using the latest version of Affinity Photo.
  7. I'm using Affinity Designer and noticed a small issue with swatches showing as "selected. The swatch panel can be in fill or stroke mode depending on which icon is in the foreground. Switching between them doesn't show the selected swatch for a particular object's fill/stroke. Example: - I have an object with a black fill and white stroke. - If the swatch panel is in fill mode, the black swatch appears selected (white square around that swatch). - If I change the swatch panel to stroke mode, the black swatch it still selected. - To get it to show that the white swatch is selected I have to click off of the object, then click back onto it. This all has to occur while the swatch panel is in stroke mode.
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