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  1. I use the picture profile from my camera. It seems to change the raw file and affinity has problems to read it correctly ( I have read that even lightroom can't read them correctly) The camera is new and I used it a lot for video, so I thought using these picture profiles could help even on images..no they don't increase the dynamic range on images.. I turned them off now in camera for pictures and the images are normal
  2. So great.. I found it out but it odd for a program that seems to be able to develop raw images it can't handle picture profiles from a camera. The PROBLEM is that a raw image shoot with the camera with no picture profile is read correctly. Just like the preview in other softwares.. When i apply a profile (Gamma: S-Log3 an Color Mode: S-Gamut3) it reading the file without the profile? Is this intended? Because the pictures imported with the slog3 profile cant really be used because affinity is showing them too dark to the point of losing information. Only in the native sony edi
  3. So i tried -reinstall -Check if it has something to do with HDR monitor -> Dont have one -Resetting the color profile.. One thing i found is even though i disabled the HDR mode in the assistent and selected RGB (16bit) in the bottom right corner in the info panel its saying: RGBA /32 (HDR) Is it because its from a continuous shoot? I use the official release for it maybe its because i have picture profiles enabled? But its raw sony format so they should not get saved in the file.. EDIT: I did now every solution on the link, i dont worry i goo
  4. So the last reply in this thread said a reinstall could help.. The thread is a couple years old and the bug is still there? Hope they will find it in the next version..
  5. Hello, I have the sony a6400 and for some reason affinity is displaying the colors way too dark. The Windows preview shows the image in the right colors and also of course the sony memories app. I attached a picture for it. I guess it has nothing to do with the camera settings since other apps can handle it. This problem is driving me crazy and i already resetted Affinity with the CRTL method. The upload is not taking png's and the error when uploading is -200 (Maybe change that?).. Not very helpful so i had to convert is to jpg for the upload.. Sry the interface is in
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