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  1. GarryP I use the glowforge. If I am doing a cut with the glowforge, the fill doesn’t matter because it actually uses the stroke for cut lines. But if I want to engrave, it does make a difference because it reads the fill for that. When it engraved and the center of the letters are filled, it engraves it just like you see it on the screen. Does that make sense? i really appreciate your help!
  2. YES!!! That worked. Thank you GarryP! I really appreciate it!
  3. When I use the add tool to merge scripty text, it is adding the fill to the center of the letters as well. This is causing a problem for me when i use these files for my laser cutter. Does anyone know how to remedy this and keep it from happening. I have attached a photo of what I need it to look like...and what is happening after I convert the text to curves and add them together. Thanks so much for your help! Just so you know...the top is just text. The bottom hello in this has been converted to curves and then the curves have been added together with the add tool. Can you see how the middle of the e has fill as well as a portion of the o?
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