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  1. If you have any issues with this method, there is another method that I currently use that involves adjusting the right cell inset spacing for all the bracketed numbers so that they all align perfectly. It's a lot easier to do, imo.
  2. Great! Thanks for the help. I somehow got it to work when I created another table using my original style settings, but those same settings don't seem to work in the original table. I guess I'll have to do some troubleshooting as to why that is. Again, thank you very much for your assistance.
  3. Okay, so I'm guessing there is no way to auto align everything? I have to manually ad additional tabs to all the bracketed numbers to get them to align like in your first example? This seems like an overlooked feature that can hopefully be implemented soon, as I'm sure many people will be using Publisher to create annual reports.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to create a table for an Annual Report in Publisher. When I get to the negative numbers that are shown using brackets, I am unable to align the numbers so that all of the numbers align perfectly to the right, but with the right bracket falling just outside the alignment. I was able to do this easily in Indesign, by just selecting align on decimal and then changing the decimal to a right bracket. I tried that same approach in Publisher, but it doesn't work at all, and the numbers with brackets align differently than the numbers without. Is there any solution to this? Thanks.
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