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  1. Actually, all of the genres on my shelf are justified top/bottom and left/right. I understand your observation about too much space between the lines when justifying the body copy, however, the difference is so imperceptible I don't think a reader would even notice. I measured baseline to baseline from one page to the next and the difference is almost nil. One other problem I am having with justification, however, is when it tries to justify a line and the words look like this, all spaced out. How do I fix that?
  2. Old Bruce, you have SAVED THE DAY! Thank you so much!! Your suggestion worked like a charm and was exactly what I was looking for! However, for most pages I am selecting "justify vertically" so the type is aligned at both the top and bottom margin. And on my last page before a new chapter I am selecting a top margin alignment. I am still having a bit of trouble on my new chapter pages for the top of the text frame to align with a guide I have placed under the chapter number headline. For some reason it will not allow me to place the top of the text frame where I want it, but rather snaps to a point too far above or too far below the guide. I have messed with the "snap" options, but none seem to help. But as long as it is close, I am not going to split hairs on it. The reader will not notice from one chapter beginning to another if it is slightly off. Unless they are OCD about that sort of thing like me! LOL Thank you for your help!
  3. Thank you Walt! I looked at several books at first, and in all of them the last line of type lines up evenly on the bottom margin of each page. I was aware of widows and orphans, and to my amazement, many of the books I looked at on my bookshelf had them! I did set those parameters in the paragraph window, but for some reason it did nothing. I still had both widows and orphaned lines in my text. This is my first time using AP, so I am sure I did something wrong when setting it. From what I gleaned on Google, it's just something you have to do page by page, adjusting letter and line spacing by hand. Ugh.... I was hoping this wonderful program had a button to click that would just do it for me! 🙂
  4. I am formatting a novel using Affinity Publisher. I'M IN LOVE!! But here's my question. I have margins set up, font at 12 pt, leading at 14, no indents, rather, using a hard return after each paragraph and quotation. How do I adjust my type on each page to allow it to rest directly on the bottom margin evenly on each page? I don't see a setting for kerning. Is there a setting that will adjust each page to snap to the lower margin and adjust the type automatically? Some pages just work, others fall quite a bit above the bottom margin, others just slightly below. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂
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