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  1. Thanks for the feedback's and i have uploaded a sample file at least to Affinity and i'm sure they will be able to sort this out. It is however frustrating.
  2. The exact same problem occurs when selecting place to import an Excel file.
  3. In addition to the initial reply, i have uploaded one document as requested. As DJ also mentioned, when deleting a master, I can only use windows task manager. When the initial problem started, i thought it was my fault as i had pages using that particular master so deleted those pages accordingly and then proceeded to delete the master but unfortunately it made no difference. Just thought i'd let you know that i tried both ways.
  4. Dear Sirs, I have a similar problem whereby every time i delete a master slide the whole programme crashes and freezes! The only action then is to forcefully use task manager to close AP? I noticed in the internet this was a problem in previous years so i'm not sure why Affinity has not resolved the issue in all the updates!
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