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  1. Last photo is the original file. Uploaded to website shows up with defect I described. Affinity format below. LP-113-B.afphoto
  2. I noticed a strange appearance of my PNG images with a transparent background. At the top of third photo you can see those made in PS and at the bottom in Affinity ... You can't notice that looking straight at the screen, so I had to take a picture how it looks at an angle. There is a border and a gray "check" instead of pure transparency.
  3. Yeah, I know that. I just realized, when I set this box to "Add" it will stay while changing through different tools so it's really helpful!
  4. Actually I mean ctr / opt. (how it works now). It's good but for me working with selection tool is a lot easier when You don't have to hold "option" key while subtract. I don't remember how It is working in PS but in PS Elements is like I am saying (I'm using PS Elements in my Job - quarantine time so I bought Affinity in home)... and it's realy annoing for me.
  5. Hi, It would be great if adding to selection would work that way: - "cmd" to add to selection and "option" to subtract from selection but when You klick once it will stay (don't have to hold opt or cmd) When people are working on MacBook with great touchpad, they have a habit to scroll through workspace using two fingers (like space+mouse). If You hold option, two fingers are zooming in and out a view instead of scrolling through workspace. It would also be great if there was a quick "keyboard" way to change between freehand, polygonal, and magnetic selection. It would be a
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