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  1. Hi Sean P, I just uploaded the fil I had trouble with. In the meantime I changed some settings in the file (I enlarged the memory available by the software, removed any unnecessary opened panel), and I started to reduce the number of grouped layer in grouped layers (I was working with A LOT of grouped grouped (and sometimes grouped) layers) in case this was part of the issue ; I also converted some vector groups into one single pixel image. I also switched my working space on one single screen instead of two (no idea if this makes any difference though). But so far I could work for
  2. Hi everyone, I am currently using the on win 10, and I just created an account on this forum to reply to this thread, because I currently have the same problem as Stanley. The only difference is that the freezing also occurs when playing with only one layer : I open the document, push one sublayer up or down in the layer panel, and the next minute the software freezes ; the only option that I have left is to close it using the task manager. I updated my graphic card's driver, unistalled and reinstalled Designer, but I get the same issue. Any idea about what I am miss
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