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  1. The file is uploaded. Also worth noting that I havent had this issue at all on build, as I have reverted to this version from the latest one I had issues with.
  2. Hello, I updated to (Win10) today and am having trouble using Designer, when moving layers for my project. What I am doing is moving a group of curve layers, in the 'layers' window, so that it is behind another. But after moving this. Designer just freezes until I force close it with task manager. I have so far restarted my PC as well as closed and relaunched Designer multiple times to the same effect. I cant seem to replicate this in a new document. It is starting to get frustrating. I am unable to get on with my project because of the issue. https://gyazo.com/1cdd4869188ee49d719157f438923c5c To further describe what I am attempting, this screenshot should help. So the group marked with red dots would be moved to either of the positions about the 'Main' group, both of which are marked with a line of green dots. I also have my image reference folder open to show the layer type it is, which is 'image'. It seems to be anything about this group which is causing the problems. In further trying to resolve the issue before reverting to a previous version, I have been re-installing this build to only have a temporary fix. It will be fine until an unpredicted moment when interacting with a curve layer, even just selecting it in the layers window, will cause the application to freeze. I checked the crash dump folder, and there are no dump files dated for when I have encountered this issue. Feel free to ask more to help with troubleshooting.
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