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  1. Thx for the quick and correct answer. Looks as if I single and double clicked everywhere on the layer rectangle except on the area you mentioned. Sorry for the inconvenience! Going to work my way through the help now.
  2. action is --> ..., result is <-- ... comment is | ... --> add levels layer using ctrl L <-- dialogue window and levels layer appear | ok --> do some levels manipulation, i.e. reduce white limit | works --> klick on background layer <-- levels dialogue window disappears | ok so far --> klick on levels layer again <-- nothin happens | dialogue window should reappear here --> klick on "adjustment" tab, then on "levels" tool <-- levels dialogue reappears, but with changes undone | would expect previous changes to be recalled --> add second levels layer via ctrl L | ok so far --> do some manipulations there | works --> klick on basis layer <-- levels dialogue window disappears | we had that --> klick on first levels layer <-- nothing happens | ok that doesnt work, we know that --> klick on "adjustment" tab, then on "levels" tool <-- dialogue for first levels layer reappears, settings deleted as before | nothing new --> klick on second levels layer <-- dialogue for second levels layer appears, setting are those done before | aha! with this detour the settings can be accessed!!
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