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  1. Good evening everyone!! I have a question. I think i would like to have what i am going to describe as possibile... I am drawing a shape with some bezier curves in affinity designer (great product btw 🙂 ) on the i pad. I take a segment of the shape, i copy it and i paste it. Now i have a shape and its segments (a) and a single segment (b) on different Layers. The new created segment (b) and the segment of the shape (a) are completely overlapping. Now, i would like to modify the segment (b) (with the curve handles) and by doing so modify at the same time the segment of the shape (a), so that, at the end of it, the segment of the shape (a) and the segment i copyed and pasted (b) are still perfectly overlapping. I hope i was clear enough... i Made a sketch and i attached it... hope you can see it Thx very much and have a good day Best regards Markus Vuoto orizzontale.pages
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