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  1. Hi Walt, Thanks for your post! Workflow: Input: One photo JPG and One layered .afphoto file Output: One layered .afphoto file We do manual correction We flatten the file Export as PDF
  2. Hi, I would like to batch process 2 photos which have to merge in a layered file, which will be not flattened. The input are 2 photo batches which have to merge. Would this be possible in Affinity Photo or Affinity Publisher? Thanks in advance for your time, Michael
  3. At the moment we wrote an autohotkey script and we use this in affinity photo to convert the AFPUB files to PDF files. Unfortunately the program skips files and slows down after 4 hours processing. Maybe there is a better option?
  4. Can I work with the AFPUB files in photoshop? With an action it would be possible to convert to PDF.
  5. I would like to know how I can batch convert AFPUB files to PDF files. Thanks in advance for your time, Michael
  6. In a book interior with 192 pages we place a sentence on a page. There are 500 different sentences for 500 different book interiors. The input is an afpub file the output is a PDF/X-4 file. Between each file we take one minute pause. The output PDF/X-4 is around 500kb. Affinity freezes every hour. To get it going again we have to close Affinity Publisher and start it again. My question is how we can achieve that the program doesn't freezes? Thanks in advance for your time and with friendly greetings, Michael
  7. Thanks for the comments! Indeed we have all these option. Only the text in the IPTC of the photo doesn't load to these fields. The photos are processed in Photoshop and the metadata are placed in PS XMP. So the question is still how to import the description, copyright etc. Thank in advance for the time and with friendly greetings, Michael
  8. We have metadata in XMP (photoshop) Description Keywords Copyrights status Copyright notice Copyright info URL Rights usage terms When we import an image in Affinity Photo we only see the keywords. All other information is missing. My question is how to see the other metadata in Affinity? Greetings, Michael
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