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  1. Please stop sending me solution outside of what I am asking. I don't have a choice on where I get the stock images, my work paid for a subscription to Adobe Stock and I cannot change that. I ask my question to see if there is a work around so that I can get Affinity at work. If I cannot solve this issue, then plain and simple - I will not get Affinity. Also, the file I provided above was downloaded from Adobe Stock and you can use it as an example to do testing.
  2. If only it were that simple. When I download vector files from Adobe Stock, they are saved like that. I need to open them in Illustrator to remove the compression. So if I don't pay for Illustrator, I cannot open the file. Also if you read my question, I never said I save it that way. I also clearly said I got the image from Adobe Stock that way.
  3. @DWright Have you had a chance to see what I was talking about? This is the only thing stopping me from getting Affinity and staying with Adobe.
  4. Thanks! I hope this can be answered. Here is it When you open it in Illustrator it's all good, but when you open it in Affinity it's placed as a low rez image. Side note, it also open's a low rez image in CorelDraw. Corel said there is no solution at this time. I thought of you guys right away - came highly recommended. AdobeStock_157380947.ai
  5. I got a vector image from Adobe stock and when I open the ai file in Affinity Designer it's a low quality jpg. When I open it in Illustrator it's ok. I did notice one difference, every file that does this has been saved with the Use Compression box checked (see attached image). Anyone know how I can open this up in Affinity Designer without it being a low quality jpg?
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